Bottom Feeder
I created this sculpture by smashing in the bottom of a tin can to create the head and mouth, twisting wires together to create the body of the fish, then doing a second layer of weaving with a thinner wire and shiny translucent beads. I cut the fins out of aluminum cans, pounded holes around the edges, and used the same thin wire to weave two pieces of aluminum shut. The eyes are sculpted out of wire and found vinyl material, and secured using self-tapping screws.
Queen W.A.S.P.
I first sculpted the face and honeycomb headpiece out of clay, and proceeded to stain, fire, glaze, and re-fire the head. In the meantime, I created the wire elements, and made the bees/wasps by wrapping wire and fabric around wire.
I used a tin can as the base and created the texture on the body by using a nail to etch the curved pattern into the found metal. I cut up printed aluminum cans to create the texture in the tail and head details, and used self-tapping screws and hot glue to hold everything together.
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