One of the first clients of Vert Digital for which I was the primary designer is a Georgia-based grill company called recteq. Our first project with them was a five email welcome series that is sent to new email subscribers over the course of several weeks. Below is one of the finished emails I designed shown next to my original wireframe sketch of the email. 
As I worked with Vert's ACRM team to bring their email strategy to life, the email changed quite a bit. We decided to focus less on comparing wood pellet grills to other grills and more on the user problems that wood pellet grills could solve. However, the final email better met the needs of both the client and the audience.

In 2022 I worked to design assets for emails for recteq's annual 12 Rays of Christmas giveaway campaign. I came up with the concept for a Christmas tree-shaped advent calendar, where each day's giveaway was introduced by a door of the calendar opening to reveal the prize. The assets were originally designed slightly differently, and were later changed to match the style of the client-provided logo for the campaign as seen in the first image. A Vert coworker, Abi Burke and I collaborated to plan and execute the emails; I created a sketch laying out the emails and designed the assets used, and Abi built the email in the client's web email platform.
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