This is a freehand mural for Posada Valerio, a bed and breakfast in Mineral de Pozos, GTO, Mexico. The floral imagery comes from the clients' garden, the shawl and tortilla basket from their mother, and the bear from the owner's nickname, Oso. The mural was painted over two days and measures about 10 feet tall.
Below is a impromptu spray-paint mural in my brother's designated parking spot at school. I free-handed the lion's face and the two of us colored it in together.
In December 2019, my fellowship wanted to create a mural to encourage first-year students to apply to the Caldwell Fellows program. The project was completed at the free expression tunnel on NC State's campus. As design students, another member of the program and I led the mural and directed other students who dropped by to help. I planned out the lettering and painted the outline of the color blocks and other students filled it in.
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